Programme Changes

The schedule below lists all changes to the printed programme – the online programme is up to date. Bear in mind that the online programme  is also available as a mobile app (currently for Android only).


Date Time Change Link
Tue 17 09:30 W2: Quantum GIS in Action: Moved from Sir Clive Granger Building B26 E to Trent Building B 16
Tue 17 09:30 W12: PostGIS 3D Workshop: Moved from Trent Building B 16 to Sir Clive Granger Building B26 E
Tue 17 11:30 W3: Using CartoDB to map real-time data: Moved from Sir Clive Granger Building: B26 E to Hallward Library: LG101
Thur 19 12:00 All the Cool New Stuff in QGIS 2.0 Presenter changed from Nathan Woodrow to Andreas Neumann & Marco Hugentobler
Thur 19 12:00 A Reusable INSPIRE Reference Platform: Supporting Open Source Developments For INSPIRE Implementation And Reuse: Presenter changed from Piergiorgio Cipriano to Arimin Burger
Thur 19 12:30 OpenPOIs: An Open Source, Open Data Index To POIs: Presenter changed from Raj Singh to Denise McKenzie
Thur 19 14:00 Things To Do With OpenStreetMap: Presenter changed from Gemma Boix Xamani to Luis Vicens
Thur 19 14:00 Delivering High Performance Spatial Data Infrastructures Using FOSS4G Components: Presenter changed from Mark Bishop to Matthew Wood
Thur 19 14:00 Mapping Open Data With Open Source Software: has been cancelled
Thur 19 14:00 Epidemiology With An Open Source WebGIS Platform: Presenter changed from Claudia Dolci to Riccardo De Filippi
Thur 19 14:00 W28: Advanced Spatial Data Analysis With GRASS GIS 7: Lead Presenter changed to Luca Delucchi
Thur 19 14:30 MapMint: An Innovative SDI Authoring Platform Based On FOSS4G: Presenter changed from Dr Nicolas Bozon to Gérald Fenoy
Thur 19 15:30 The Business Case For Open Standards: Presenter Peter Cotroneo incorrectly spelt
Fri 20 09:00 Bulk Interpolation Using the R Environment: Presenter changed to Jiří Kadlec
Fri 20 09:30 “Open Geospatial Data And Services Publication On The Cloud: The INGEOCLOUDS Open Source Approach Presenter changed from Dimitris Kotzinos to Benoit Baurens.
Fri 20 09:30 A Benchmark Of Graphic APIs For Use In GIS Rendering: has been cancelled
 Fri 20 09:30 The Geodata Agency’s Data Distribution Platform: Presenter changed from Morten Lindegaard to Mads Bjørn-Møldrup
Fri 20 09:30 GIS Data Security Applied: Presenter changed from Oliver May to Pieter De Graef
Fri 20 09:30 Innovations In Mapping Time-Based Data In CartoDB: Presenter changed from Javier Álvarez to Javier de la Torre
Fri 20 09:30 W21: Spatial Analysis With QGIS And SEXTANTE: Renamed W21: Spatial Analysis With QGIS And its Processing module, presenters changed from Gabriel Roldán to Anita Graser and Paolo Cavallini
 Fri 20  11:30 State of GeoServer: Presenters changed from Justin Deoliveira to Jody Garnett and Andrea Aime
Fri 20 12:00 CartoDB 2.1: Presenter changed from Javier de la Torre to Sandro Santilli
Fri 20 15:30 OpenWIS Opensource Software Presenter changed from Jacques Roumilhac to Chris Little
Fri 20 14:00 W23: WPS with GeoServer: Tom Kunicki moved from USGS to OpenGeo
Sat 21 09:00 Real time Data Analysis And Rendering With HTML5 Canvas Using OpenLayers And GeoServer: Tom Kunicki moved from USGS to OpenGeo
Sat 21 12:00 Inside GeoGit: Presenters change from Gabriel Roldán and Victor Olaya to David Winslow
Sat 21 12:00 Fast Tiling And Presentation Of TB’s Aerial Image Data has changed to Managing update of tiles of dynamic data, and the presenter changed from Herman Assink to Rob Stekelenburg
Sat 21 13:30 Gamification in GIS: has been cancelled
It’s All Over!
Thanks to everyone who helped make FOSS4G 2013 a success!