MapMint: An Innovative SDI Authoring Platform Based On FOSS4G

GĂ©rald Fenoy (GeoLabs) with Naoki Ueda (Cartoworks)

14:30 on Thursday 19th September (in Session 12, starting at 2 p.m., EMCC: Room 3)

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Description: MapMint: Never write mapfiles again! Tips and tricks for playing with OGC standards using FOSS4G (MapServer, ZOO-Project, GDAL,OpenLayers).

Mapmint is an Internet platform dedicated to the management, processing and publication of geographic data. Based on a collection of C/Python/JavaScript open source geospatial software, MapMint combines and orchestrates various OGC and W3C services and provides a complete administration interface for the use of use MapServer, GDAL/OGR and OpenLayers together online. The purpose of this conference is to present MapMint and its main functions. The first part will be devoted to describing its innovative architecture and the interactions between advanced WPS, WFS, WMS and WMTS services. The administration interface will then be presented, particularly the automatic and visual creation of MapServer mapfiles (WYSIWYG) and the advanced configuration and publication of webmapping applications. Examples of MapMint use in production will be shown to illustrate the conference.