Challenges are designed to inspire hackathon project teams.

We’ll be adding and updating challenges all the way through until the event – As we get closer, more details, resources, and content will be added to each of the proposed challenges.  Get involved – send us your ideas and questions via @foss4g or email us using


Waterway Obstructions

 Summary:  Waterways such as rivers and canals are an indication of the health of our environment and provide us with livelihoods, leisure time and power generation opportunities. Over 26,000 physical obstructions on the river network of England and Wales have been catalogued. This challenge searches for a solution for sharing information on waterway obstructions

Challenge page: geohack/challenges/obstructions




Summary:  A mobile application that builds on the Growers Nation app (see below) to include a potential aphid prevalence climatology and early warning system for use by gardeners.

Challenge page: geohack/challenges/ap-phid


River restoration

Summary: This challenges is looking for inspiring ideas to measure and present the benefits of river restoration projects. Current River Restoration projects are mainly aimed at river restoration professionals and fail to attract other possible stakeholders including architects, local people or public bodies.

Challenge page: geohack/challenges/river-restoration


Weather impacts on outdoor events

Summary:  Rarely does an event occur within the UK without there being some concern about the influence of the weather on proceedings.  This challenge aims to try to estimate some of the effects of weather on outdoor events in the UK.

Challenge page: geohack/challenges/events



Ecosystem Services Shop

Summary: Shop for environmental services from your tax budget – investigate how tax is spent on environmental services.

Challenge page: geohack/challenges/ecoshop


My Air Quality

Summary: Search by area to see if your house/school etc is in an air quality management area and display the latest air pollution forecasts or measurements and associated health advice.

Challenge page: geohack/challenges/myair


Coastal Explorers

Summary: To develop a web based tool for people to plan their coastal activities in the UK.

Challenge page: geohack/challenges/coastal-explorers 


Cleaner air route planner

 Summary:  A tool, mobile application or web page which allows cyclists and walkers in major cities to select routes which have lowest pollution.

Challenge page: geohack/challenges/cleaner-air


Smart Cities

Summary: We want to encourage the building of low cost sensor networks in cities, and make creative use of the data for urban research.

Challenge page: geohack/challenges/smart-cities



Grower’s Nation

Summary: Develop a  prototype for an interactive scientific based application to help people discover what crops they can grow locally in their soil/climate, and when they should start planting.

 Challenge page: geohack/challenges/growers-nation


Happy Places

Summary: Scoring locations in terms of happiness, providing evidence of the cultural/ aesthetic value of our environment.

 Challenge page: geohack/challenges/happy-places


Eco Cache

Summary: Make use of crowd-sourcing to create an ‘eco-caching’ or ‘season watch’ app which combines weather or climate observations with phenology observations.

 Challenge page: geohack/challenges/eco-cache

shop for environmental services from their tax budget

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