Install “Giggity” from Google Play and point it to - this will fetch the current schedule for off-line viewing.

The app will let you view session titles and descriptions when off-line, mark presentations of interest, raise alarms when sessions are starting, and has a handy ‘now and next’ feature for planning.

Note that this app has not been developed by us, so any problems with it should be directed to the developer. The app is fully open-source so I’m sure bug fixes and improvements would be welcome – we’d like to be able to customise the colours to our conference Robin Hood green for example!


Currently there is no iOS app for the conference schedule. From a quick search I did find Conference Manager, a free app, and I did attempt to reverse-engineer the file format. But not having an iOS device, I couldn’t test what I was doing.

If anyone wants to carry on with this, or has  a better idea for iOS  users, please get in touch via the info mailing address. One possibility may be to dump the schedule as an ics file, but I don’t know what iOS apps exist to handle that.


It’s All Over!
Thanks to everyone who helped make FOSS4G 2013 a success!