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Delegate News – The Final Edition – 13/9

Hi Well this is it, we are almost there. In 3 days time some of you will start to arrive in Mappingham and the workshops and hackathon will kick off on 17th Maptember with the main conference starting on 19th

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Delegate news 2/9

Hi It’s Maptember! In 2 weeks time people will have started arriving at FOSS4G in preparation for the geohack and the workshops, the team will be in hyper caffeinated panic mode and no doubt the unexpected will have already have

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Delegate news 9/9

Hi 7 days until the tribes start to gather, you must be getting excited by now? The FOSS4G Team are in overdrive focussing on the mass of logistics for a colossal conference with over 800 attendees, that is a very

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Delegate news 25/8

Hi Everyone, Steven is taking a well-deserved rest this week – so a short update from the rest of your Local Organising Committee. Remember, the previous delegate emails are all available on the FOSS4G website. Launch of FOSS4G Mobile Programme

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Delegate news 18/8

Hi A short update for you this week. We are only 29 days from the start of FOSS4G, t-shirts have been ordered, gifts have been ordered, the programme book is about to go to press, it is getting very very

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Delegate news 13/8

Hi That counter on the web site says that it is now under 5 weeks until we kick off FOSS4G! The organising team are getting a bit frantic and trying to fit in some holiday before Maptember is upon us

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Delegate news 6/8

Hi Only 41 days left till FOSS4G starts, the organising team are either going on holiday or getting frantic or even both! What about you? Please take time to read this mail as there is important stuff in here to

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Delegate news 30/7

Hi Only 48 days left till FOSS4G starts, if you aren’t getting excited you should be. This is quite a long mail, please take time to read it as there is important stuff in here to help you make the

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Delegate update 23/7

Good morning FOSS4G starts in 55 days! The pace is really hotting up (as is the British weather). I plan to send out a (nearly) weekly mail updating you on details as we run (or even sprint) up to the

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An avalanche of Openness will be on display in Maptember

It has been ages since I last sat down to write a post. That is because I have been massively busy working on client stuff, particularly with the great team at Astun, and chairing FOSS4G has been a lot more work than I anticipated and a lot more fun and there have been a few […]

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It’s All Over!
Thanks to everyone who helped make FOSS4G 2013 a success!