Geo for All

Many people who work with geo software and maps find themselves becoming passionate advocates for the power of geography to make a difference: in government, business, travel, environment, crime reduction, social justice and communications to name just a few domains. Open Source Geo software makes this possible.

Geo for All thx to Julia Freeman-Woolpert

FOSS4G is the conference for the people working with open source tools; it’s a gathering of up to a thousand delegates who are at the core of a community which tirelessly develops, creates and crafts the software used by millions worldwide.

This software is the glue which binds our community together; we want it to be used to empower and enfranchise anyone to harness the power of geo, regardless of their economic status. From the urban planner in a developing world city, to contributors to a pan-European data sharing project, or a team delivering a mission critical government web site; from the student with little resource but the Internet, to the armchair auditor or data journalist of open data, or a corporate software procurement officer seeking to reduce costs and improve efficiency – all are invited to join our growing community.

At FOSS4G 2013 we want to reach out to potential users, educators, students and policy makers, and show how FOSS4G can enable “Geo for All

It’s All Over!
Thanks to everyone who helped make FOSS4G 2013 a success!