Challenge Template

This page contains a template for organisations to submit suggestions for hackathon challenges.  If you would like more guidelines before suggesting a challenge then please email

Download form: [DOC] [PDF]


FOSS4G Geohack - Template for Challenges


Title of Challenge ____________________________________________


Include a clear description of the problem or the data. The description does not have to be long, but the more specific the better. One challenge can be “chunked” into smaller pieces or subchallenges as appropriate. This will be an HTML field, so it can also have hyperlinks, embedded images, video, etc.

If you are asking for a solution with specific parameters or requirements, please list them here.


Category Choose the most descriptive category.

  • Software
  • Hardware
  • Visualization
  • Science
  • Other (please describe)


Sponsoring Organization(s)

Name   __________________________________

URL      __________________________________


Author(s)   __________________________________

Name            __________________________________

Email            __________________________________

If the publicly-listed POC should be different than the author listed here, please note below.


Data Resources(s)    __________________________________

Title   __________________________________

URL    __________________________________

Description of available data, format and information about how to access/use it



Please return completed forms and forward any related questions to: challenges [at]


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Thanks to everyone who helped make FOSS4G 2013 a success!