Doing Business With FOSS

Dirk Frigne (Geosparc)

15:00 on Thursday 19th September (in Session 14, starting at 2 p.m., EMCC: Room 2)

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Description: How to make money with FOSS while keeping your customers happy? This presentation will show alternative answers from personal experience as co-founder of Geosparc.

How to make money with free and open source software ... that's the question! Often the easy answer is “by delivering services to the clients using the software”. A more nuanced answer could be: “to be open in your business model, to cooperate with other FOSS project communities and to provide a sustainable service offer with quality assurance to the clients”. Dirk Frigne, co-founder of Geosparc and spiritual father of Geomajas will share his experience with open source adepts and business people interested in starting doing business in an open and transparent way.