Subsidized School Transport For The Shortest Way To School

Oliver May (DFC Software Engineering)

12:30 on Thursday 19th September (in Session 8, starting at noon, Sir Clive Granger Building: A41)

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Description: A presentation of a tailor-made project for managing subsidized school transport using open source technologies and routing.

This project realizes the automation of the granting of the right to individual and/or collective subsidized transport of students. Applications are initiated by the school by means of a web application. Afterwards these applications are treated automatically and on-the-fly thanks to a routing algorithm (calculation of distance) between the place of residence of the student and the closest school which qualifies for that specific student. Next to this formal application, there is also an interactive tool where the closest schools can be found for potential students in real-time open to the general public. The presentation will show how the application is built using different open source technologies, these technologies include a.o. PostGIS, hibernate-spatial, pgrouting, Geomajas and OSM.