Realization Of A Web-based Fire Danger Forecasting System For Mediterranean Landscapes

Michael Nolde (Kiel University)

12:30 on Thursday 19th September (in Session 4, starting at noon, EMCC: Room 1)

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Description: The presentation covers the realisation of a fire danger forecasting platform for the Isle of Sardinia, using crowd-sourced weather data, and only free and open source software.

This presentation covers the preparation and realisation of setting up a fire danger forecasting platform for the Isle of Sardinia. The system created uses, firstly, crowd sourced weather data as input for calculation of fire danger predictions and, secondly, only free and open source software for the actual implementation. The platform is meant to provide regional, daily fire danger forecasting maps. Its configuration is based on a ten-year study of fire occurrence on Sardinia and Crete. The Fire Weather Index (FWI) with treshold values adapted to Sardinia is used for the forecasts.