Modelling 3D Underground Data In A Web-based 3D-Client

Till Adams (terrestris GmbH & Co KG) with Emmanuel Belo (Camptocamp SA)

14:00 on Friday 20th September (in Session 41, starting at 1:30 p.m., EMCC: Room 2)

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Description: In the German federal state of Brandenburg geological borehole data, depth profiles and geological layer-data should be visualized in a 2D and 3D-based webclient. This talk will present the technical solution based on PostGIS 2.0, GeoServer, OpenLayers, GeoExt2 on the 2D and ExtJs 4.x and X3Dom on the 3D-side.

The geological borehole, depth profile and layer-data and some background-data such as topographical maps were setup as services, mainly in a PostGreSQL/PostGIS and GeoServer environment. Both webclients are fully client-side based applications, for the 3D-client WebGL for rendering is used and all data is delivered via standarized services. For the 3D-data the X3D format is used, which is not an official OGC standard yet but delivers phantastic possibilities for 3D-modelling of data in a webbased environment. The talk will focus on some of the high-end announced requirements, especially to the 3D-webclient such as gazetteers, FeatureInfo or dynamic load of services such as WMS or WFS. A special task is the delivering of borehole data as BoreholeML, for which the GeoServer app-schema extension was used. From a technical point of view especially the development of a GeoExt-like library which connects X3dom and ExtJs 4.x is an interesting part. With this solution, elements such as gazetteers and presentation-masks for requested attribute data could be used in both 2D- and 3D-client. At the end some live impressions of the application will be shown.