Community Voting

Community Voting is now closed – the programme is under selection and will be announced soon.

With the proposals for presentations for FOSS4G 2013 now rolling in, it’s time for the FOSS4G community to vote on which of them should be accepted for the programme.

The voting system is the one which was used for FOSS4G 2011 and FOSS4G-NA, so you may already be familiar with it. It allows you to vote for as may presentations as you like, and presents the proposals in a personal random order – i.e. you will see a different order from that seen by anyone else – in order to eliminate any bias from the order in which the proposals appear.

Community voting will end on 22nd April, ahead of the Local Organising Committee meeting on 24th and 25th April which will decide the final shape of the programme.

It’s All Over!
Thanks to everyone who helped make FOSS4G 2013 a success!