A New Dimension To PostGIS : 3D

Olivier Courtin (Oslandia) with Hugo Mercier (Oslandia)

14:30 on Friday 20th September (in Session 41, starting at 1:30 p.m., EMCC: Room 2)

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Description: We will show a Simple Features API on top of CGAL, bringing full 3D analysis functions to PostGIS.

Talking about 3D used to sound cool. Used to. But for real GIS use, we really need more than just playing with a globe. 3D in GIS becomes cool as soon as we have the ability to deal with full 3D spatial analysis. Just as we already have in 2D, we need functions like intersection, buffer, triangulation and more ... The GEOS library provides us 2D topological processing for years. The CGAL library could now also provide us some interesting additional 3D topological functions. As CGAL is not fully designed for GIS data models, we provide a library inbetween called SFCGAL, in charge of providing a Simple Feature API on top of CGAL. PostGIS 2.1 now allows to link PostGIS and (SF)CGAL, and already provides several exciting 3D functions (and more and more to come). This thrilling talk about PostGIS 3D will therefore focus on : - What kind of project / application needs 3D GIS analysis ? - What can we do right now with PostGIS 2.1 and (SF)CGAL ? - What we will be able to do soon with PostGIS 3D ? - Some tools used to view and manipulate 3D data (QGIS / WebGL based)