Application Development With OpenLayers 3

Tim Schaub (OpenGeo)

11:00 on Saturday 21st September (in Session 61, starting at 11 a.m., Sir Clive Granger Building: A39)

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Description: OpenLayers 3 is here! Now it's time to learn how to build great mapping apps with it.
Abstract: OpenLayers 3 is a complete rewrite based on the latest in browser technology. This talk will focus on best practices for application development with OpenLayers 3. Covering simple maps in a page, integration with popular MV* frameworks, and native-wrapped mobile apps, we'll look at strategies for building mapping functionality into your applications. OpenLayers 3 aims to provide a high performance library with a wide breadth of functionality. Come learn about how it differs from OpenLayers 2, what makes it stand apart from other alternatives, and how you can best leverage its functionality.