WCS And EO-WCS Status In Open Source

Stephan Meissl (EOX IT Services GmbH) with Andrea Aime (GeoSolutions s.a.s.), Simone Giannecchini (GeoSolutions S.A.S.)

11:30 on Saturday 21st September (in Session 56, starting at 11 a.m., Banqueting Suite)

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Description: This presentation will show the current status of open source implementations of WCS, and particularly EO-WCS, by comparing GeoServer and MapServer/EOxServer.

The EO-WCS standard extends OGC's Web Coverages Service (WCS) 2.0 standard with the ability to support the typical workflow and needs of Earth Observation (EO) data. The presentation will introduce the typical EO workflow and the additional capabilities of the protocol with examples from MapServer/EOxServer and GeoServer. Finally issues with the current protocol, workarounds, and future directions from OGC's Standard Working Group will be presented.