ViziCities - Bringing Cities To Life Using Big Data And The Power Of The Web

Peter Smart with Rob Hawkes (Vizi Cities)

This presentation has been cancelled
Description: We're using open big data to bring real world cities to life using WebGL and three.js.

My name is Peter Smart. I'm working with Rob Hawkes to bring real world cities to life using open, big-data. What started out as a personal project to use some cutting-edge web tech is quickly accelerating. We're now talking with the Ordnance Survey,, TFL and IBM about how we can work to visualise complex data in amazing, new ways. Interest lies in the fact we're stitching and hacking together a raft of open data sources to create immersive, explorable cities with both live and legacy data overlaid on top. This opens up some really interesting opportunities for useful and accessible data-vis - all in the browser. We released out first dev. diary a few days ago and we've been blown away by the response. This can be seen here: This features some screenshot, videos and more information. We'd love to chat further so please do get in touch!