Technological Innovation With Open Source

Manuel Haro Márquez (National Open Source Laboratory, Zacatecas State Goverment)

14:30 on Friday 20th September (in Session 37, starting at 2 p.m., Auditorium)

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Description: In the knowledge age, where technology is a development platform for countries, is important to create strategies which exploit scientific and technological developments for knowledge appropriation, and boost creativity and innovation to create collaborative communities and guarantee technological sovereignty and open innovation. Today open source, with its freedoms and robust solutions, is the best approach, tending towards the I+D+I2 paradigm (Investigation + Development + Innovation + Inversion).

Abstract At the society and economy knowledge age where the technologies are the development platforms for the countries, is important to create strategies wich ensure the advantage of all that scientific and technological developments towards knowledge appropriation, impulse the creativity and innovation going to create collaborative communities wich may guarantee a technological sovereignty and open innovation. Today Open Source, with their freedoms and robust solutions, is the best alternative and is a technological tendency towards I+D+I2 paradigm (Investigation + Development + Innovation + Inversion) where is very important the integration of academic, industrial, governmental and social sectors at the projects and those commitment. I. INTRODUCTION The FOSS and GPL licensed solutions offers key points like freedom to use those at any instance and everyone machine, the solutions are shared ready to install and the code source wich allows modify to improve the solution, after the modify the solution must to be shared ready to use and with the code source. Any FOSS solution offer several ways to develope some project as advantage of developed solutions wich like a FOSS project the source code can be modified and installed, in other way some times the project must to be developed fully like a new solution; another kind of project with advantage of FOSS is using the solutions availables but this kind of projects need two importants parallel activities like a strong capacitation program and supplemented with a great support team to attend any incidence around the project. II. NATIONAL OPEN SOURCE LABORATORY The Open Innovation (OI) paradigm has been the best strategie at countries like Brasil, France, Spain and Germany wich allows to impulse the entrepreneurship and sectorial project development over open source developments, at National Open Source Laboratory (NOSL) we are working to apply some of that projects and strategies in the way to propitiate the global benefit for universities, goverment dependencies, companies, organizations and citizens. The strong of OI is the integration of communities at universities, companies, citizens and goverment and with the capabilities of each sector create global projects. In this way the academical sector is very important because the young students, teachers and researchers working together have a great potential of creation, research, share and development knowledge; the companies focussed to information technologies and services must to change the bussines model to advantage the open source solutions; the integration of society is a key point because the citizens can contribute with proposals focussed to improve social services. The goverment sector must to take the leadership building strategies to support and strengthen any kind of inititative of innovation projects, this leadership is about create important investment funds wich may be possible the succesful development of all kind of innovation projects. Integrating the elements of OI can ensure projects over a collaboration culture, the exploitation and development of open source solutions provides great alternatives to any kind of technological and innovation project. The National Open Source Laboratory achivied the integration of companies, universities and citizens to create the projects development teams, as a goverment dependencie take the leadership with important investment in infraestructure, equipment, services and scholarships for students working at projects; the semester august to december 2012 were integrated 28 students form Zacatecas Institute of Technology who developed 10 technological projects, today we are working with 49 students and the better is about this students is coming from 8 universities at Zacatecas State who are developing 15 projects. Listed below the 2012 projects: 1. PBX Server with Elastix 2. Web Page 3. Web Page NOSL 4. Collaborative network with Noosfero 5. Services using IPv6 6. Open source migration project 7. Innovation management projects 8. LAN Services server 9. LAN and WAN Security Server 10. Mobile apps for android The NOSL works creating innovation projects to resolve requirements in any sector, all the projects are developed using open source solutions and considering the General Public License as FOSS development; so all the projects must to be share with documentation, install packages, source code and are available at NOSL repositories; when some instance wants to use any project we contact those students who works the project trying to impulse them to start work creating new companies focussed to advtange FOSS solutions and innovating with a new bussines model. Listed below the january to june 2013 projects: 1. Global Goverment Planning Platform 2. Documental Management with Quipux 3. Network security server with Squid and Iptables 4. Robotics with NAO humanoid Robot 5. NOSL intelligent bulding with RFID 6. Multimedia Learning Objects to science 7. Augmented reality 8. COZCyT open source migration project 9. COZCyT Network redesign 10. Parallel computing 11. COZCyT Web Page develope 12. ZigZag Science divulgation park WebPage develope 13. B-learning NOSL platform Listed below wich are ready to starts: 1. Global GIS Platform 2. OSGeo Laboratories Network Web Page develope 3. New Linux distribution design 4. Technical support to Federal Goverment equipment project (4,000,000 computers with linux) The NOSL strengthens their strategies with strategic alliances: Intel Corporation Brasilian Public Software Project, Federal Goverment of Brasil Pixart Corporation, Argentina Forest House Foundation, Colombia Latinux International Corporation Minatitlan Institute of Technology Puebla Institute of Technology Zacateas Institute of Technology Fresnillo Institute of Technology Technological University of Zacatecas Guadalajara University Working hard to create a strong culture using and developing open source solutions, the NOSL have a complete program of capacitation with almost 40 different courses, the alliance to Latinux International brings the way to apply for certification in some themes about open source and information technologies. The NOSL have enough infrastructure wich allows works with a lot projects and almost any kind of project: 3 Classroom for 20 students 1 Super Computing Laboratory 23 Dell Workstations with Core I5 Intel, 8 Gbytes RAM and 500 Gbytes in hard disk 60 Intel Classmate computers 8 Network servers Assigned to NOSL are 4 professional engineers who works as leaders of projects, with 15 collaborators from universities and some goverment dependencies who works in capacitation programs, special projects and academical background for the projects.