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Best in Show

Winner: NYCHenge, Andrew Hill

People’s Choice

Winner: The Global Sharknado Threat, John Nelson

Best Software Integration

Winner: Tornadoes, Brendan Heberton

Runner-up: Swisstopo Journey Through Time, Cédric Moullet

Best Data Integration

Winner: PLUTO is Free!, Andrew Hill

Runner-up: Topographic map of Wijchen, Netherlands, Jan-Willem van Aalst

Best Static Map (Digital Display)

Winner: Post-2001 EU Accession Migration to England & Wales, Christopher Wesson

Runner-up: Mapping Violent Crime in Washington D.C., Cooper Thomas

Best Web Map Application

Winner: Bike Share Global, Oliver O'Brien

Runner-up: Flight Paths Tracker, Julius Tröger

Best Anti-Map Map

Winner: London Galaxy, Charley Glynn

Runner-up: FLEET taxi Tracking, Anita Graser

Best Cartographic Display

Runner-up: The Noland Trail, Jonah Adkins

Most Unique Map

Winner: NYCHenge, Andrew Hill

Runner-up: The Global Sharknado Threat, John Nelson